Management Plans

    A Forest Management Plan is the most important tool available to a private landowner.  It provides the landowner with information on the type timber present by timber stand, the condition of the timber resource, and recommendations to improve the property to reach the goals of the landowner.  Plans can incorporate a landowner's wish of maximum timber production, wildlife habitat improvement, soil and water conservation, and/ or recreation.  Plans can be as simple or as detailed as a landowner requests.  HFM complies with all states' Best Management Practices.

Forest Management Plans can include:

Timber Inventories, Growth Projections,  Harvest Schedule, Harvest Flow Charts,

 Expense & Income Charts, Tract Map, Soils Map (East TX, Miller Co. AR, Bossier Parish La only), Location Map

Other Types of Plans Available:

Reforestation plans, Property tax plans


    Reforestation is a necessary step in the management of the timber resource at some point in time.  The quality of the reforestation will determine the ultimate outcome of the production of your property for the next timber stand, which can be 25 to 40 years in length.

     HFM coordinates the reforestation activities on its client's properties.  HFM only uses qualified reputable vendors to do the site preparation and tree planting services. 

    The condition and site characteristics of your property will determine the type of site preparation and planting that will be successful.  Common forms of site preparation include: shearing and windrowing; V- blading access lanes; subsoiling; aerial herbicide applications; herbicide banding on openland sites; and bedding.

    Common forms of tree planting include: openland machine planting, wildland machine planting, and hand planting (utilizing planting shovels).

    HFM also assists landowners in the application for industry and government cost-share programs for reforestation and timber stand improvement, if desired by landowner.

    Tree planting inspections are available to assure quality control. 

Timber Stand Improvement

    Aerial spraying of herbicides is commonly used to release established pine stands from hardwood brush competition.  Aerial spraying contractor is insured to protect the landowner from accidental drift or spraying of adjacent landowner's property.

Timber Inventory

    Timber inventories are necessary to know the type and amount of timber you have in each timber stand.  Growth samples are taken so estimates can be made to determine how much timber you are currently growing and what the projected yield will be.  The timber inventory is used to determine your options for continuing the management of the stand or determining the optimum time to harvest and start a new stand. 

Tree Farm Inspections

    Scott Hammett is a Qualified Inspector in the American Tree Farm System.  The American Tree Farm System is the oldest third-party certifier of private forestlands in the United States.  The program is recognized by the Society of American Foresters, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative program and many paper and wood related businesses in the U. S. and abroad.

Boundary Line Painting

    Clearly visible boundary lines are necessary to protect your property against trespass, accidental timber harvesting, or timber theft.  Boundary line painting services are available for tracts with established boundary lines and/or with established surveyed corners.  Boundary line inspections are done prior to marking to insure the boundaries can be located and painted properly.  If not, you will be referred to a licensed land surveyor for the establishment of the corners and boundary lines.

    In Arkansas and Texas, the use of Purple boundary paint will legally post your property against trespass.  In Louisiana, silver boundary paint is necessary for posting property.  Other colors are available, if you choose not to post your property.